Freedom To Rot

by Colgate

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released May 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Colgate Knox, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Wounds
Police Brutality needs to end, but all we care about is our trends, people being beatin and murdered for no reason at all, power control and greed fuel this world.
We try to believe its not real, but can you stair death right in the face? Im silenced for believing in something thats right in front of our eyes, I won’t stand for this, endless wars and killing the poor, what can we do to stop this? I won’t stand for this, endless wars and killing the poor what can we do to stop this? Fuck your Racism, fuck your discrimination, who the fuck cares, your hate will bleed through your eyes till you become blind worthless piece of shit I don't give a fuck.
Track Name: Broken Eye socket
We worship our own voices, our sir-men is the tv. We walk but we never feel the ground, we talk but we never think before we speak.. We’d rather let fear drive us than make a difference,
the same ignorance we all fought against is staring us right in the face. Instead of seeing we believe what we hear, Instead of feeling we’d rather see.
we’d rather look the other way while people are dying in the streets
Track Name: DJT
We away everyone that asks for help, God forbid if we try to help someone. We try we try no we never try no we never try but we talk, we talk no we never talk we never change.
We build walls instead of fixing anything, instead of lending a hand we push away so many, we push away so many and yes, this is for you. Fuck Donald Trump.